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Top Quality Bag – How much is a carrying bag cost? Say Rp1,8 million? maybe Rp9,4 million? or even Rp18 million? What if we spend US $ 380,000 or equivalent to Rp5 billion to buy a bag – and that’s a used bag? For the price mentioned above, you can buy a house in the UK (where the cost of occupancy there is an average of £ 223,285 or Rp4.2 billion, according to one of the UK banks in Halifax) and still has plenty left over. Last year there was someone who bought a bag that was fairly rare, Birkin Himalaya 2014 – a matte white handbag issued by the Hermes fashion house.

Hermes : Top Quality Bag

This bag is made of Nilo crocodile leather, decorated with 18 carat white gold and studded with diamonds.Although the purchase of bags worth Rp5 billion is a record-breaking “hunt” bag, but if you view the sale and purchase of “hand accessories”, expensive bag is not unique.

The trends of the fancy handbags have grown considerably since Princess Grace of Monaco used the Hermes Sac bag to block her pregnant belly from the paparazzi. This bag changed its name to Kelly’s bag, taken from the name of the former Hollywood star. These expensive handbags are now everywhere. The celebrities who carry it include reality show star Kim Kardashian West and his mother, Kris Jenner.

Christie’s auction house said the luxury bag sales market jumped from Rp94 billion in 2011 to Rp493 billion in 2016. Heritage Auctions auction venues believe the auction market of “luxury handbags” ranges from Rp1 trillion to Rp1.3 trillion (IDR) “and is still growing”. In terms of investments, these assets can be of great advantage.

Quality Is What Hermes Offer

The investment banking company, Jefferies considers that some bags can generate profits of around 30% per year. The bag made by Hermes, the fashion house of French luxury products, is the most sought after. Rachel Koffsky, a specialist bag and accessories at Christie’s, said Hermes bags “were made in the same manner and materials for decades, while many other brands have been inconsistent in their manufacturing and thus failed to be a kind of top quality bag for the past 100 years.” He added three of his most famous bags, Kelly and Birkin made for singers and actresses Jane Birkin and Constance, taken from the name of Hermes designer’s fifth son, Catherine Chaillet. All three “have remained unchanged since they were designed”.

However, Jefferies said: “Over the last 10 to 20 years, luxury brands have been increasingly able to raise the price of their handbags and use more premium materials so that the top quality bag in markets are less dominated by Hermès in the future.” Heritage Auctions says, similar to Hermes, the iconic handbag brandChanel “has always been a favorite for paparazzi to photograph the arms of celebrities carrying the world’s most famous handbag brands”. Koffsky added that, in the 1990s, two designers were specifically responsible for delivering the so-called “It Bag” (the era of luxury handbags designed by renowned designers) – Tom Ford at Gucci fashion house and Marc Jacobs in fashion house Louis Vuitton.

Hermes The Most Sought After Expensive Bag

These two designers, along with the characters in the TV series Sex and the City, “bring this collection of luxury bags into ordinary bags”. It also means that a rather intimidating auction world opens up to different types of clients. Koffsky said: “Handbags have a very wide appeal and are a kind of bag that makes consumers more comfortable, compared to traditional flat bags or even patterned art.” Jefferies says that handbags are the “most accessible” category in Christie’s due to lower unit costs, adding that 40% of the 712 buyers in the category are new to the auction house.

Heritage Auctions says that there are no special buyers. They estimate the buyers come from people who want to add to their collection of handbags today – or those who just bought new. Koffsky says quite often these buyers become sellers and vice versa. He said: “Above the buyer’s spectrum, we have collectors who stuff their bags as their most valuable asset.On the other hand, we have young and savvy buyers looking for antiques that stand out from the current trend, often less than retail significantly. “Maybe this is the first time they bought a bag at auction.” However, even though those bags attract new customers, this is not a world open to everyone.

The Number One Choice For Classy Lifestyle

Kelly or Birkin brand bags cost around Rp132 million each – if you can afford one – while the classic Chanel brand new mini bag costs Rp45 million. Choosing a used handbag can make the buyer bargain but this is not an accessory anyone can reach. Flavio Cereda, an analyst at investment banking firm Jefferies, said Hong Kong has become a place for selling luxury bags. Forbes magazine recently reported that the wealth of Hong Kong billionaires increased by US $ 60 billion to US $ 307 billion last year – the biggest increase in the list of Forbes Asia 50.

Christie’s auction house says 46% of its luxury bag sale sales are in Asia by 2017, followed by the US at 30% while Europe, Middle East and Africa accounted for 24%. It is no coincidence that these two rare Himalaya Birkins bags are auctioned in Hong Kong. This is a kind of top quality bag that produces good investment, Koffsky said. “For a positive return on investment, we will provide bags with limited editions and numbers as they are only made in very limited timeframes,” he said.

“The thinner the availability of used bags on the market, the more collectors are hunting them.”

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