Hand Bag Trends In 2018

Hand Bag Trends In 2018 – have become an important component for women everywhere, without exception in Indonesia. Not just functional, Hand Bag also become a fashion statement for its users. Of the many brands, brand output backpack from the United States (US) become the flagship of Indonesian women.

Hand Bag Trends In 2018

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At least that’s based on the observations of Maya Safira, CEO of Banananina, a reseller who markets rucksacks from top brands from the US and Europe. According to the popularity of backpack sales in Banananina, Maya said, Michael Kors, Coach, and Kate Spade Hand Bag, which are notabenenya the US brand, best selling sold than other brands.

How about an example? Maya observes, the buyers tend to like Hand Bag rather large like a tote bag. The design is somewhat classic but consistently modern, and black. “Consumers love the versatile design cause, it is suitable to be applied in all chances and combined with any colored clothing,” said Maya.

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He also briefly pointed back polka-dot-patterned backpack from Kate Spade as one of Banananina’s flagship consumer goods. Despite the simple design, the backpack of such a thing is present in nylon material, producing a modern look.

Kors Labels Is The Most Sold Bag

Starting from the Multiply website and the bazaar from the mall to the mall, Banananina which has existed since 2009 also has a boutique and is now expanding into e-commerce by launching its official website.

Products marketed include Hand Bag from Michael Kors labels, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Balenciaga, Gucci, Coach, Mansur Garviel, and Bottega Veneta. “Normally there are 30 transactions per day,” Maya said. Except the backpack, Banananina also markets purses, watches, and sunglasses. No Hand Bag for men.

The buyers come from all over Indonesia. Most buyers, said Maya, come from South Tangerang, such as Serpong and Bintaro. “It seems that Papua is not considered, there are also our consumers from Papua as well as other places that usually sending orders can be up to 10 days so far,” said Maya.

Buy Classy Hand Bag By Winning Sbobet

Buy Classy Hand Bag By Winning Sbobet

Maya even said that once she got a customer who buy Michael Kors hand bag just to show off. She told me that her husband got some cash by winning some betting online in one of some biggest bookmarking agent. Her husband really loves gambling and try his luck by put 1 million IDR cash. Who knows the luck was smile upon him. Funny isn’t it?

She event seduce me to try play some soccer betting named agen bola sbobet Indonesia. But I reject her nicely. Well thank you for reading this article, see you !

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